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Fitbit Cardio Tennis: A Workout That Doesn’t Feel Like Work—Where Do We Sign Up?

Just like thousands of Australians, Belinda Graham has discovered Fitbit Cardio Tennis has both fitness and social benefits. When she first trialled the program in Lower Mitcham in South Australia, she had not picked up a tennis racquet for almost 25 years. Now, two years later, Fitbit Cardio Tennis is part of her weekly routine.

“My best friend dragged me along, all excited after seeing she had burnt 500 calories in an hour on her Fitbit,” says Graham. “It is quick-paced and a real social activity, too—we often go out for coffee after. It is the best exercise I’ve ever done.”

Gill Scott also participates in Lower Mitcham. She is a regular competition player who finds Fitbit Cardio Tennis offers an enjoyable fitness alternative. “If someone told me to go and run three kilometres, I’d say, ‘No way!’ But getting out on court and doing a 45-minute Fitbit Cardio Tennis session is no problem,” she says. “I love playing tennis, so this is an easy way of keeping fit.”

More than 750 clubs around the country run the Tennis Australia-endorsed program and currently offer the first session for free to new participants—so why not give it a go?!

Workouts include a warm up, cardio segments featuring drill-based and play-based tennis activities, and a cool down all to music. Regardless if you’re a long-time tennis player or haven’t played since you were a kid, each session is custom tailored by a Tennis Australia coach to ensure you get a great workout. And you might even improve your forehand!

Using a Fitbit device, you can monitor your activity during the session, ensuring you maximise intensity with heart-rate tracking, and see your progress within the Fitbit app. Whether your objective is to burn more calories, exercise in a specific heart rate zone, or simply participate in a fun workout, the coaches will provide guidance, tennis tips, and encouragement to help you reach your goals.

“The combination of a warm-up, drills, co-operative and competitive games and cool down to music is what makes Fitbit Cardio Tennis so much fun for people,” explains Lower Mitcham tennis coach Helen Rice. “People are improving their fitness and laughing lots at the same time—something you don’t see too much at the gym.”

To find a session near you and claim your free trial, visit cardiotennis.com.au!

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