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Get Powerful Fitness Coaching Anytime, Anywhere With Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach

Setting a specific, realistic goal is an essential first step to getting healthy, but it’s also the easiest. What comes next—figuring out how to get there and actually following through—that’s the hard part.

The good news? Your Fitbit tracker and a little guidance can help you reach it. In one Indiana University study, 90 percent of participants said that using an activity tracker in combination with wellness coaching helped them to hit and sustain their health goals—even after the coaching had ended.

That’s why Fitbit is thrilled to announce a new premium guidance and coaching service that delivers custom workout curriculums, wellness programs, content, and other tools that are driven by your data and tailored to your specific goals.

“For a health program to have truly long-lasting effects, it has to be tailored to you,” says Fitbit Advisory Panel member Sherry Pagoto, Ph.D., a psychologist and professor of preventive and behavioral medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. “With one of the world’s largest health databases, Fitbit is able to provide deeper, more meaningful insights to help you stay on track, get encouragement when you need it most, and celebrate your successes to keep you motivated.”

The first tools to launch with this premium service include a new Fitbit Coach app, which rebrands the current Fitstar Personal Trainer app. You’ll be able to access this offering this fall with a new app called Fitbit Coach and in the a new “Coach” tab inside of the Fitbit app.

Fitbit Coach App

The newly re-branded Fitbit Coach app incorporates Fitstar’s proven dynamic workout content that adapts as you progress, and uses your Fitbit data to recommend video and new audio workouts based on your fitness level and goals. Check out these five standout features:

Audio Coaching: Listen to 40+ expert-designed running and walking workouts with audio cues designed to help you safely improve your endurance, speed, and form. Choose from outdoor or treadmill sessions and select the difficulty, duration, trainer and music, plus have your workout automatically recorded in the Fitbit app. Audio Coaching will be available through the Fitbit Coach app in October and will be available on Fitbit Ionic in early 2018 using Bluetooth headphones such as Fitbit Flyer. New Audio Coaching sessions, such as spinning and elliptical, will also be added in 2018.

Fitbit Coach Audio Coaching

Dynamic bodyweight workouts: Formerly known as Fitstar Personal Trainer*, these video workouts increase or decrease in difficulty based on your feedback. Fitbit research shows 85 percent of people who use these video workouts for at least five sessions see an increase in strength.  

Fitbit Coach Session

On-demand exercises: Cherry-pick workouts, or select bodyweight sessions based on duration, difficulty, or exercise type—an improved design makes it easier to discover workouts, as well favorite individual sessions so you can access them faster and add them to your Fitbit Ionic device. Each video includes step-by-step instructions focused on proper form and technique.Fitbit Coach on Fitbit Ionic

Recommended workouts: The Fitbit Coach app serves up suggested exercises based on your Fitbit activity data. For example, if you did a bike ride yesterday, the app will suggest a workout session that targets your abs, arms, and chest so your legs can recover.

Fitbit Radio: Stay motivated while you exercise by queuing up an energizing soundtrack. Fitbit Radio powered by feed.fm offers a variety of popular music stations that range from pop to hip hop.

Ready to Get Started?

The new coaching services will launch with the Fitbit Coach personal training app, available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices in Fall 2017 with introductory pricing of $7.99 per month or $39.99 per year. Several video workouts will be available for free in the Fitbit Coach app so you can try them out, but all other features require a subscription. Audio Coaching will be available on Fitbit Ionic in early 2018.

*Already a Fitstar Personal Trainer Premium user? You’ll automatically have access to the same great training programs plus the new run and walk audio coaching sessions in the Fitbit Coach app, at the same price you’re currently paying. Existing Fitbit Premium users will continue to have access to the analytics dashboard on Fitbit.com but will not have access to their existing data in the new Fitbit Coach app.

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