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Humanizing Difficult People for Self Improvement

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Based on my experiences, difficult people can give surprises. It is when I do not have any more expectations towards them, they suddenly give me what I need the most at that specific time. Appreciation. Friendship. Apologies. Networks. Opening new doors. Comfort. It is not uncommon that difficult people are the ones who remind me of my beautiful characteristics. So, take as many rests as you need, and may be try again tomorrow.

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Vegetarian Picnic Recipes

When I was in college, at the first sight of spring, we would haul all our books out into the grass and stay there for hours. Coming out of the Chicago winter meant that anything 60 (with sun) felt amazing (even though we probably looked a bit out there in shorts!) And of course, I’d [...]

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Sunchoke Soup with Fennel

When the first signs of spring start to show, I notice it in my cooking first. The flavors I use tend to brighten and recipes have an overall fresh feel. This sunchoke soup is the perfect example. The mild, earthy flavor of the sunchoke blends well with the punch of fennel and high note from [...]

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Resolving Our Past

We need to resolve our past, so we can expose our truth and move forward with our lives. We are drowning in our unresolved emotions. Unrecognized, they weigh us down. Depressed by them, we unknowingly hide and mask them. So often we think our uncomfortable emotions away, doing everything we can not to feel the truth of them. Read More

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