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The Importance of Upgrading Your Tools

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In Skills Development, I shared the importance of developing our skills to achieve maximum results.
Similarly, it’s important to have the best tools to achieve the best results. By tools, I mean whatever software or equipment you use for your work. For a blogger it includes your laptop and your mobile device. For a video editor it includes your editing software.
When we have inadequate tools, we need to spend extra time to offset their limitations, even if we have the best skills for the job. On the other hand, when we have the best tools (and by best, I mean the right tools), we cut down the time taken to achieve a certain result. This time can be used elsewhere on more important things.
My Experience
Back in my previous company, I had to do a lot of data mining. I remember this Nielsen software I had to use to get market data — it was usable but slow. Every click took about 10 seconds before it returned a result. Sometimes it took minutes. Sometimes it would hang.
Because of this software, I would spend countless late nights getting data. The end result — getting the reports done — was never implicated because I was always sacrificing sleep to meet them....

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