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Three AMAZING things for absolutely FREE! Cost? Zip, Zilch, Nada!

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You have heard that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there are some things that are even better—amd FREE. Read this to the bottom to learn about 3 incredible offers—for FREE. Yep. Zip, Zilch, Nada, FREE. You will learn how you can enter a contest to have your own FREE radio show with VoiceAmerica. Sign up for the FREE Webinar when you buy Susi Moore’s book about turning your hobby/passion into a successful money-making side hustle.  AND experience 3 sessions of Synctuition FREE. Read below for more details.

ONE: VoiceAmerica wants to give you your own radio show

VoiceAmerica, the premier Internet Radio Network, is holding a contest. The Grand Prize is your own 13-week radio show. Trust me. That’s a HUGE deal. Here’s what they say:FREE

Everyone who enters ( Current hosts not eligible)  will receive and win PRIZES from top marketers, influencers, and social media outlets ranging from $300 to $5,000. 

To ENTER simply submit a short video about YOUR show and create a Contestant Profile. To enter, click below.


 Note from Irene: Never had I considered a radio show until I met the people at VoiceAmerica. I am starting my 8th year next week and can honestly say it has been one of the best experiences of my life. They do everything to help you become a successful broadcaster. Don’t miss this opportunity even if you’ve never done it before. Put your mind to it and let your imagination come up with ideas for 13 shows. Then ENTER.

TWO: FREE Webinar by Susie Moore

Susie’s book is now available from Ixia Press, the new division of Dover Publications. It is AWESOME. The title? What if it DOES Work Out?: How a Side Hustle Can Change Your Life. If the webinar is as rich in content as her book, you definitely don’t want to miss it. Get the book and then click the ad in the right sidebar to register or Click Here. Hint: It will help you get started on doing that thing you always wanted to do but for some reason have not. Good stuff.

THREE: FREE access to three sessions with Synctuition

This is a pre-launch offer of a cutting-edge product that can literally change your life. Synctuation will be giving some FREE sessions on their remarkable program on Thursday’s Self Improvement Show. FREEWatch for more information on the Show announcement on the home page.

Synctuition is a powerful method of self-discovery that will help you to see the big picture in your life. Once revealed, this picture will function as a map that you can use to navigate through life by learning to trust your intuition.

Synctuition is a truly groundbreaking audio technology that helps to increase the power of your intuition by utilizing realistic 3-dimensional sound during 60 amazing binaural beat journeys. Go take a look at their website and their program. Then put The Self Improvement Show on your calendar for Thursday, November 9 at 12 noon PST. (Be sure you check what time that is in your area).

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