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Wake Up & Work Out with Gabby Reece (Video!)

The holidays are supposed to be fun, and there’s no reason not to celebrate. But in between parties, there’s also no reason not to slip in a workout. I designed my High-X circuit expressly for this busy time of year, to ratchet up your calorie burn in less than 15 minutes. I chose exercises that work every muscle in your body, and they’ll also provide a balance challenge as an added boost.

Watch the workout I lead on Good Morning America recently and join in! Or, if you do the circuit on your own, make sure to turn up the tunes. Loud music is key for motivation.

Enjoy, get it done, and happy holidays!

Equipment you’ll need:

2 sets of dumbbells: Lightweight (2 to 5 lbs) and moderate weight (8 to 12 lbs)

Make sure to use weights you’re comfortable with, based on your fitness level.

2 yoga mats

1 Smile

Directions: Do each station for 2 minutes, switching exercises every 30 seconds.

The Circuit:

Station 1

  1. Squat jacks
  2. Alternating jump front lunges

Equipment: none

Station 2

  1. One leg dumbbell row
  2. Plank row

Equipment: dumbbells

Station 3

  1. Crab opposite hand and leg touch
  2. Plank jacks

Equipment: 2 yoga mats

Station 4

  1. Dumbbell bicep curl to shoulder press
  2. Dumbbell kickbacks

Equipment: dumbbells  

Station 5

  1. Alternating back lunges with dumbbell
  2. Dumbbell squats

Equipment: dumbbells  

Station 6

  1. One-legged dumbbell drop off and pick up
  2. Other leg
  3. Figure four squats (no weights)
  4. Other leg

Equipment: dumbbells  

Extra Credit Tips:

Focus on form, rather than speed.

Breathe continuously throughout the circuit.

Drink water anytime you feel you need it, even if it means hitting “Pause.”

Be willing to push yourself. It’s important to challenge your muscles to see real results. If it feels easy, be willing to add weight and work a little harder. Of course, stay within your limits, so you’re not too sore to dance on New Year’s Eve!

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